Indescribable Tangible Feeling

Missing the way someone was when you first met, and feeling your heart ache knowing you can’t give them hope happiness and rest. Heart hurts seeing their pain and weariness. Knowing you can’t make them genuinely content and happy, but would do anything it takes to see them truly smile again. Definitely love them even if you don’t exactly know how to describe the love you still have for them. But still see all the little things that make them who they are. And love them even more. Emotions. Memories. Knowing you’ll always have love for them no matter what may happen. Seeing all the potential they still have. Realizing how beautiful and sad their voice is, and that you really missed it. But they are still beautiful to you, so beautiful. Listening to a song they played for you, and wiping away a tear. Loving someone this way, is far more difficult than you ever expected. If you could see them smile..

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