20 Years Old ~turning 20 and life now from 1 year ago~

I have come a long ways, even in one year, Ive made leaps and bounds in personal growth, and especially becoming a mother.

Last year, Felicia Nelson decided to take me up to this small town of Northfield, and on the way up we joked I’d meet my future husband in this town Id never been to. That evening, I first met Eric Mahn, and it all lead to where I am now.

I have a wonderful small handful of people who have befriended me and shown care, and become really close to my heart .

I have overcome some of the scariest times in my life, and am staying strong.

Last year, I would have never expected or dreamed to be where I am

now. I am truly blessed, and amazed at how I got to where I am. And know it will continue with hard work.

Thank you everyone who has been there for me and made life so enjoyable. I love you all so much.

I am beyond blessed and I think I am truly the happiest with myself and life now than I was ever before . Thank you, thank you everyone. I am truly so grateful and blessed🙏🏼

💕Juniper, Mama loves you and cant wait to show you this world. As you squirm and kick, I couldn’t be happier on my birthday, because my two greatest gifts this year are you and your father. We cant wait to meet you. Stay in there for a bit longer, though, please.

Love Mama❤️

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