w h o Am I?(part 1)

Who Am I?

I am a daughter, sister, mother to be, fiance and friend.

But those are just words that tell only the first pages of my story.

Daughter. I am a daughter. I was born in a small Romanian village where I was left at the hospital after my biological mother had given birth. She wasn’t able to keep me because my family were a poor family of gypsies.

A month from my third birthday, August 29, 2000, a single woman teaching English and living in Romania adopted me , and we lived together in Romania for two more years. That woman became my unconditional loving mother, and I became her daughter.

Sister. I am a sister. I have two younger brothers and a younger sister. Though not blood related, and certainly no similar physical characteristics, those blue eyes kids are my siblings, and they have made me a sister three times. They have taught me countless lessons, loved me, looked up to me, and now inspire me to this day.

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